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We believe that the earth’s scarce resources are meant to be shared by everybody and we can make a difference if we can provide
a platform for people to use existing resources, rather than invest in setting up our own. Our travels in Africa of over two decades
make us believe that this continent deserves to have special status for retaining its flora and fauna the way it has been since man
first set foot on earth. But this is changing fast, as population explodes in sub Saharan Africa. Now more than ever is the need to
conserve all that is good for nature.

We promote community development by ensuring a very high percentage of our billings are retained in the countries we do business
in, and a substantial portion of that goes right through to the grass root level in the capable hands of common people.

We recommend suppliers who are contributing towards reducing their carbon footprint. Our chosen partners believe in our vision
and are all making a substantial difference to the local peoples’ lives and to the environment.

We are happy to provide you access to some of the best lodges and camps situated over millions of acres of the world’s best wildlife
viewing areas on earth; from the confines of a 15 x 15 square ft office. What we take away from Africa are lasting experiences
and images some of which are showcased in our Gallery. We hope these pictures will encourage more people to visit Africa and
contribute towards the upkeep of some of the last vestiges of the wild on our planet.

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