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An ode to Incredible Africa Safaris for making our trip so memorable. 13 days of adventure. It was an unforgettable safari where we were extremely fortunate to see 49 lions, millions of zebras, Masai giraffes, Reticulated giraffes, wildebeest, various species of antelopes, cape buffalos, jackals, hyenas, Black Rhinoceros, White Rhinoceros, hippos, African elephants, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, warthogs, baboons, monkeys and...the list goes on and on. The most exciting of all was the great African wildebeest migration, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.... wow! It was breathtaking. Incredible views of the plains dotted with huge herds of wildebeest, zebra, and gazelle, and the Mara river infested with large Nile crocodiles lying in wait. It happened right before our eyes. One zebra ....the boldest , the most fearless one decided to cross the river Mara...followed by thousands of them. An unforgettable sight which is viewed only by the lucky ones. Each day was better than the earlier. The clock was ticking and the excitement was growing. Thanks to Incredible Africa Safaris for making our dream come true. - Rashi Saigal Tamra, Jai, Urvi & Savita Sethi, Gurgaon, India

We just completed an awesome 8 night safari in Kenya organised by Incredible Africa Safaris (IAS) team. The trip was superbly well organised by Vikram and Chetan. They gave us very valuable suggestions to begin with on the places to visit. The best part is they engaged the entire family in planning the trip with their knowledge of the wildlife parks in Kenya. Once the travel itinerary was set up they ensured that we were delighted at every step of the journey. Right from the safari van with our awesome Guide Paul everything was perfect. Also it was really nice of Sutapa to keep tracking our movements and checking up with us whether we were all fine on a daily basis was a great gesture. Now about the parks and the experience of wildlife sightings. Paul our guide was just fantastic in spotting the rarest if animals in each park that we visited. He provided us with detailed information on the park its flora and fauna and with his sense of humor kept the kids fully engaged on all safaris. He is probably the best man to have as your guide. Thanks to IAS for providing us services of Paul. We travelled to Amboseli Tsavo Lake Naivasha and Maara over the 8 nights and 9 days that we were in Kenya. Both Vikram and Chetan had prepared us well and the resorts chosen by them were perfect for each location. We had awesome sightings of the entire range of Kenyan wildlife including Leopard Lions Buffaloes Girrafes Zebras Rhino Cheetah Elephants and many many varieties of antelopes. We got a chance to see a pair of lionesses trying to stalk and plan a hunt of a buffalo which they eventually abandoned after an hour of trying. It was an awesome one hour spent at real close quarters of a close encounter !!! Team IAS truly knows their business and takes care of very minute detail and makes your experience super smooth and enjoyable. Wishing them great success ahead as they grow their business. Highly highly recommended by our family to all those who are planning a Wild life trip to Kenya !! (Please also see our lionesses and buffalo pic uploaded ...you will get a real feel...of the Maara experience !!) - Sanjay, Aneeta, Ekantika, Tanisha Bajaj, Mumbai

Just returned from an unforgettable trip to South Africa. The highlight of our trip was definitely the Kapama Game Reserve where we got to see the Big 5, enjoyed delicious meals and serene locations. It was the trip of a life time. Thank you Incredible Africa Safaris! - Levin Somaya, USA

We had a wonderful family holiday in South Africa. There were a few teething issues but they got sorted out. Kapama in Kruger and Cape Royale in Cape Town were our favourite stays. We saw the Big Five in Kruger. The guide in Cape Town was outstanding. The winery tour was interesting. This was our second African safari with Incredible Africa Safaris and we look forward to traveling with you guys again! - Brinda Somaya, India

Just returned from an African Safari in Kenya.  It was absolutely incredible and was  a dream trip!  Thank you Vic and Simon for making this vacation one that we will never forget. You covered every detail and the places we stayed were amazing! Thanks again! - Jake Fackrell, USA

Just returned from an unbelievable trip to Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve in Rajasthan, India. Our trip was arranged by Incredible Africa Safaris and we are so glad that we chose them to make all our arrangements. We managed to see 9 tigers [yes 9 tigers !! :) ] and 1 leopard in 5 safari drives, which was simply amazing - many of our friends had prepared us by telling us that we may not see any tigers at all !!! Visiting in the right season and moving with the right people made all the difference and we were lucky to get so many sightings - prior to this, we had done only 1 safari in Corbett and had not seen a tiger in 3 days there. This was our first time sighting a tiger in the wild and it was an absolute thrill -- we are hooked to safari life now I guess. Thanks Chetan Mulani, Vikram Dayal and the entire team at Incredible Africa Safaris - we can't wait to ask you guys to plan our first Safari experience in Africa and many more to come I guess..! Cheers.
  - Sonal Khimji & Kaushal Kapadia, Singapore

Excelente organização, estivemos agora em Tadoba e Ranthambore. Vimos mais de 20 tigres em 7 dias de Safari. Tudo certo, nos buscaram no aeroporto e levaram para todos os lugares e aeroportos, sem estresse. Hotéis maravilhosos também!!! Faremos muitas viagem para ver a vida selvagem. Obrigada!
(Translation: Excellent organization, we were now in Tadoba and Ranthambore. We saw more than 20 Tigers in 7 days of safari. All right, we searched at the airport and took it to all the places and airports, without stress. Hotels wonderful too!!! We'll do a lot of trip to see the wildlife. Thank you!) - Maieve Corralo Grando & Marcelo Moreira Cardoso, Brazil

We just got back from a 2 night stay in Sawai Madhopur, Ranthambore safari. We had super tiger sightings - 6 in all. Our guide was very informative and enthusiastic. The driver was in full control of the vehicle - even on the rockiest of paths. Learnt a lot about the jungle and animals. Highly recommended. - Rahul & Yogita Mulani, Mumbai

I just got back from a 6 nights 7 days safari to Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater and the Ndutu region in Tanzania with Incredible Africa Safaris. It was an amazing experience which I enjoyed thoroughly. Watching a cheetah hunt a Thomson's gazelle, a wildebeest calf being born, lions wallowing in Buffalo dung and our bush breakfast right in the middle of the savannahwere some of the highlights of my trip. The arrangements made by IAS were impeccable right from the car and driver to the stay. I had no problem obtaining vegetarian food as well. Our stay in a tent in the wilderness at Chaka Camp was a unique and incredible experience. My knowledge about photography, birds and wildlife has also increased tremendously as a result of having Chetan and Vikram around. I would like to thank Incredible Africa Safaris for this wonderful holiday and would love to be a part of many more safaris in the future. - Harsheel Mehta, Mumbai

We recently completed a tiger safari to Ranthambore National Park and Taj Mahal visit. The complete package from IAS was truly spectacular. They did an amazing job making us feel taken care of at every step of the way. The little things like having somebody being in constant contact with us to make sure our guide at the Taj Mahal is waiting for us in the hotel lobby to sending the drivers numbers beforehand. Every detail had been thought of by IAS. Every request was taken with the same importance and every effort was made to make sure our requests were fulfilled.

IAS is exceptionally knowledgeable in their craft. Even though the namesake is Africa they know how to organize a 'safari' anywhere. Making sure our mission was accomplished was probably IAS's tireless goal. Seeing tigers on two of the four game drives in the winter months is rare but because of IAS's tireless effort of making sure we were at the right place at the right time we got to see tigers. Your ability to understand your client's wants and needs gives credibility and sets you above everybody else. I really loved the care and attention you put in the itinerary you sent us to the drivers you used, the guides you provided and all the behind the scenes work you did so we never felt any discomfort while under your care.

On a personal note - we love you both Viki uncle and Sutapa auntie. Thank you for such an amazing holiday. Very proud of you and everything that you are doing. Can wait to see you again. - Shrenik, Mital & Aran Dodhia, USA

Just returned this morning from an incredible 7 day Safari organized by Incredible Africa Safaris in Masai Mara, Kenya. Our base camp was the scenic Camp Mara Aruba on Talek River in Masai Mara. It is not easy to describe the experience as it was beyond surreal.......the sight of the huge amount of wildebeest we saw during migration amidst a river crossing makes me get goose bumps. Thanks to the superbly thought out itinerary by the team from Incredible Africa Safaris we were able to enjoy the trip in every way possible. The two guides Simon and Paul were an amazing duo to have on the trip as they were fully conversant with the routes, the rules and the flora and fauna on display in the Mara. It was wonderful to hear the friendly banter on identification of birds, animals and trees between the guides and
Vikram Dayal and Chetan Mulani of Incredible Africa Safaris on the game drives. It was truly enriching. We had superb sightings of the Lions, Cheetah, Leopard, African Elephant, Hippos, Cape Buffalo, Western white bearded Wildebeest, Thompson's gazelle, Grant's Gazelle, Impala, Topi Jumela, Eland, Crocodiles, Monitor Lizard, Kirks Dik Dik, Zebras, Masai Giraffes, Olive Baboons, Common Reedbuck, Defassa Waterbuck, Cokes Hartebeest, Rock Hyrax, Bush Hyrax, Dwarf Mongoose, Banded Mongoose, White tailed Mongoose, Spotted Hyenas, Warthogs, Vervet Monkey, Black backed jackal and Ostrich. The memories of our early morning breakfast with the sounds of the jungle and lunch beneath an Acacia tree in the middle of the nowhere in the Mara shall remain etched in my mind for all time to come. The like-minded people on the group made a big difference to the trip beyond a doubt. This, I credit the team from Incredible Africa Safaris for!! All were thoroughly keen on photography, wild life and nature in general. I highly recommend Incredible Africa Safaris as your organizers for any trip into Africa as they know what they are doing and they know what the customers want. Additionally, they have completed over 10,000 hours of Safari time!! Vikram is an experienced hand in Africa and Chetan a wildlife buff and a true assistant in organizing memorable safaris in Africa. Thank you Incredible Africa Safaris!!! - Jaideep Mathur, Dubai, UAE

It's one thing to go for and African Safari. It's something else when you go with the most passionate crew of the Incredible Africa Safaris. Vikram and Chetan, two guys who love animals and nature so much were kind enough to share the Masai Mara with us through their eyes. IAS is the team to depend on for an experience of a lifetime. - Sid Ugrankar, Mumbai

Just back from a 6 night 7 day safari in Masai Mara, Kenya with Incredible Africa Safaris and from start to finish the experience was top notch! The owners of Vikram Dayal and Chetan Mulani are truly passionate about Africa and are well networked locally. The trip was especially worthwhile as I got to watch the well travelled wildebeest and zebras in millions and their attendant predators migrating up from Serengeti and filling the plains to bursting. The thrill of watching the spectacle of lions mating and seeing a cheetah with her cubs royally sipping water and walking down the path with a queue of safari vehicles lined up to get a clear view of her is
indescribable. Vikram from Incredible Africa Safaris is very knowledgable about local animals, birds, people and their habitat and was always willing to share facts and stories. Our safari guides Simon and Paul were very experienced and their keen eyes missed nothing- a striped kingfisher in the tree above or the drag marks where a leopard had hauled its kill through the grass. Incredible Africa added a surprise stop over at lake Naivasha for a boat ride and we were treated to more wildlife including white flamingos and Hippos. I highly recommend using Incredible Africa Safaris. Thank you both for the wonderful trip. I look forward to my next Africa trip in 2016 with you guys! - Archana Narayanan, Dubai, UAE

Thanks Chetan and Vikram for this amazing experience in Masai Mara for the great migration. It was something different than any other trip ever taken where we go sight seeing, beaches, monuments and historic places. Watching those animals which we have seen only in kindergarten books, right in front of us in the open following their natural instincts and not locked up in the zoo was beyond my expectation. The wildebeests an zebras in abundance, giraffes, warthogs, Thomson's gazelle, The topi, The Eland, the cheetah with a hunt and the lion with 2 failed hunts and a lot more to list here. Vikram is highly informed about various species and their names and habitat and characteristics and also loves to explain the same. Both Chetan and Vikram are pretty chilled out and at times treat you like friends more than clients. This exp with incredible safari was amazing, the 6 days in the wilderness were not short of pleasant surprises with every game drive. Will
try to do this again in the near future. Africa has a lot to offer it seems. - Arppit Gupta, Dubai, UAE

Kenya: If u like wildlife it cant get any better.. And if u want it done"your way".. It cant get any better than with "Incredible Africa Safaris!!" Vikram Dayal, my buddy of 28 yrs and Chetan Mulani, now my buddy for life.. U guys rock!! The organisation, planning from - no. of days, timing, when to go - dates, flights, vehicles, fantastic guides, INCREDIBLE knowledge, vegeterian food (imp for me..) accomodation (normally I dont care) to finding the right click of crazy like-minded people put together...Very professional/well priced and yet a feel-good warm satifying and hungry for more trip!!! Special mention: The guides are smart and knw their way in the jungles and take pride in their heritage.. Fantastic find!! Wouldnt be the same without their friendly banter too... Being an amateur photographer i appreciated the free advice I got from my fellow passengers and thank you sooo much Chetan for even letting me use ur fantastic camera.. NOW!! Can one ask for more??? Naahhh... You guys just converted my passion for wildlife into an obsession! Thank u guys and you do knw that u got a fellow lunatic, for life!!" - Geeta Amin, Mumbai

Just completed an amazing value for money trip to the Maara with incredible Africa. the are the people to go with to the African bushes. their guides know how to give the clients the fullest satisfaction both the casual tourist and to the serious photographers. They know their angles and spots to place the vehicles. As a conservation photographer i admired the concern shown by their driver cum guides for the welfare of the animals. Would love to do more trips with them and will always recommend them to all my friends.Vikram & Chetan plan for every detail. my honest view is that the there has to be more stars then the 5 given by me which is very
constraining. way to go IAS! - Shivaram Subramaniam, Mumbai

A safari through Masai Mara is a god sent opportunity for any photographer and I am extremely fortunate that I had such an opportunity. To be so up close with some of the most magnificent creatures of the natural world, i.e. the lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, gazelles and wildebeest, the experience is truly breath taking. The reserve park carries an aura about it, and for good reason. Home to one of greatest migrations in the world, the enormity of it strikes a chord with you at the most primal level, leaving us in eternal awe of the natural world. Last but not the least I am indeed thankful to organisers for having given me the opportunity to be one with the roots of us all, the truly remarkable wild natural world. This was an absolutely unforgettable and fantastic experience and looking forward to much and many more experiences with you all. Thanks a lot again Vikram and Chetan. - Vishal Rachh, Mumbai

I was a part of the expedition to the Masai Mara earlier this month, a tour organized by Incredible Africa Safaris. It was my first trip to Africa & my first Safari and I have to say that Vikram, Chetan & Co. were brilliant all through the trip. They've set the bar very high. The camp site was comfortable and situated right on the edge of the game reserve and we got to see wildlife roaming free, from the entrance of our tent. Amazing. The guides who accompanied us on the game drives were excellent and very friendly- the way they spotted animals and identified the species from 100s of meters away never failed to amaze me. Overall, for me, the entire trip was well organized from the beginning to the end. The company I had during the trip was excellent. The entire trip went down with minimum hassle and maximum viewing time in the park with the animals. Top marks from me and I am looking forward to the next safari - when I've managed to save enough money!
- Shravan Varma, Dubai, UAE

We are back from Kenya and the hangover still continues. Chetan and Vikram, we can't thank you enough for having planned and organised an impeccable itinerary that suits our requirements, that too within a short period of time. The passion with which you involve yourselves into every detail of the planning can be truly seen and is simply commendable!
You helped us choose the right camera which was a big saviour. The itinerary was so well crafted that it built itself to a crescendo, with the last leg being the icing on the cake! The choice of lodges, the food, the comfort and the game drives were amazing. It was not merely the sightings but the experiences of the wild- the leopard within a few feet unperturbed by us, waiting for the gazelle, the three lionesses clumsily perched on a tree, the pride of nine lions strategising and attempting a kill, the three lions on the road being chased by a hyena, the one-eyed male lion within four feet on a mound staring at us at eye level, the beautiful landscapes of three different places, the serval cat crouching under the grass in the swamps, the male black rhino mounting a disinterested female, the many birds and other animals...all in all unforgettable experiences!
A big thanks also to our patient, experienced and friendly guide Simon who knew the pulse of the place so well as if he was born there! My nine year old son still fondly reminisces and yearns to be there! He doesn't know who are the persons behind the scenes but we would like to thank on his behalf too . He remembers the Swahili song and the greetings and misses his friends from &Beyond Kichwa Tembo, that he was almost in tears when he bade them farewell.
This trip happened only because of you guys and one of the best wildlife trips EVER!
We know whom to approach the next time! - Gayatri, Anand and Neel Khatau, Mumbai

Thank you Vikram and Chetan for an amazing Africa safari. This was my first trip to Africa and I came back with a great experience- visit to Victoria falls- amazing scenery, noise of the falls in the night and a wonderful helicopter ride will always remain in mind. The early morning hunt by lions next to our lodge on Ngorongoro Crater in Tanzania was an unforgettable experience. Masai Mara in Kenya was excellent- one eyed leopard on the tree, lion hunt misfiring, cheetah family and hyenas next to the tent at night are great memories. Last but not the least the lovely weather in Nairobi. For all those who can't think beyond Europe and Thailand, please go to Africa- you will want to go every year !! - Siddharth Tyagi, Mumbai

Thank you Vikram and Chetan for a wonderful Kenya Safari. We went with Incredible Africa Safaris to Kenya for a 10 day magical Safari. We visited Amboseli, Tsavo West ,Lake Naivasha and the Masai Mara .I travelled with my wife Kareena Gadiali Hussain and 5 year old daughter Hayden. Incredible Africa Safaris did a fantastic job of planning our itinerary to perfection and selecting fabulous lodges at all these parks. Pre trip Vikram and Chetan were full of practical suggestions and pointers that made our trip much more comfortable . Once we landed in Nairobi we were taken care by their very knowlegable and experienced naturalist Simon . His knowledge of the bush was second to none and at the same time he took care of all our needs that made us feel right at home in the wilderness. I totally recommend everyone travel with these guys for an African Safari . We feel our lil Hayden matured a lot during the trip and saw animals,birds and landscapes which most people don't ever see in their lifetime. Thank you Incredible Africa Safaris for making this happen for us. - Ashraf Hussain, Kareena Gadiali and Hayden Hussain, Mumbai

Amazing memories!! Have come back from the trip totally refreshed and energised. Superb planning and execution! The trip was an eye opener at so many levels....the beautiful Kenyan warmth and hospitality will stay with us forever. They are blessed with natures bounty and we are so glad that we got to live the experience and wonder that is Africa. Thank you Vikram & Sutapa..you set the tone with your wonderful organised pre trip planning. The trip ended on a meaty note at Carnivore and we came back home hearts and stomachs completely full! Thank you so much! - Anisha, Anand and Neel Sahai, Kolkata

Our third time to Africa... Ah, Africa! It gets inside you, filling you up with such wonder, joy, amazement, and awe. But the only way to see the raw beauty of what Africa has to offer is with you Vikram, at the helm, and you Sutapa guiding us and sorting out our queries with such charm. Vikram what I loved is the way you made all of us feel like we were complete naturalists, even when we spotted something and called it by the wrong name! Our trip was simply amazing. The whole group got along famously. Each day so different from the other - wonder how you managed that! I think we were so lucky to see so many wonderful sights. I can still feel the excitement at Samburu of watching that brave Dik Dik escape with his life, between the two lionesses, his heart in his mouth, and ours beating so hard we could hear it. And the cutest sight of the cubs being ticked off by their snarling mother for following her and disclosing her presence to the warthog she had been stalking. Oh nature at her finest bountiful best! We are having Africa withdrawal symptoms...... Can't wait for next year! -  Namrata and Veerbhadra Singh, Deogarh

Another awesome safari! Super! Well done guys! Looking forward to the next one! - Chetan Mulani, Mumbai

An Excellent Safari! Very well organised. Our guide was very good and went out of his way to ensure we viewed as many wild animals as possible. We were very happy with all the lodges and hotels too. It was a five star holiday! Thanks. - Gurvinder Kaur & family, Chandigarh

Thank you for a fabulous trip (to east Africa)! - Dr Sudip and Dr Vijaya Chakravarti, Kolkata

We had many WOW moments! The whole experience (in East Africa) was amazing and it's truly a magical place! - Radhi & Anil TS, Singapore

Despite the fact that we are a family of 4 with 2 young kids, Incredible Africa Safaris managed to personalize our Kenya trip and catered brilliantly to all of our needs...   We've had an absolutely fabulous holiday! Thank u! - Alita, Sudhir, Kiara & Ayanna Lobo, Mumbai

Vikram and his staff were extremely knowledgeable, polite and punctual.  The game viewing was way beyond our expectations.  The lodges were excellent and the hot food was also good.  The packed meals could have been better.  Even on our 11 hour drives, we returned to the resorts excited and happy.  All in all it was an excellent experience and we would strongly recommend Incredible Africa Safaris to anyone who would like a thoughtful, well organised, thrilling and friendly vacation in Africa. - Dr. Anand Somaya, Mumbai

Our safari to East Africa was unforgettable! Despite our many discussions about the annual wildebeest migration before departure, what we saw was way beyond our expectations. Your passion and knowledge of the birds and animals coupled with the great instincts of David and Simon, enabled us to see many “stories” about how the various animals and birds live together and fight for survival in their natural habitat. On the flip side, while our accommodations in Tanzania were excellent, the lodge in the Mara was not of the same standard. Also, given the state of the roads, and the amount of driving we did, a landcruiser is definitely more preferred to a safari van in Kenya. Finally, wish we had been better prepared to handle the Tsetse flies in the Serengeti! We appreciate your traveling with us and we highly recommend Incredible Africa Safaris to all our family and friends! - Brinda Somaya, Mumbai

"Thank you very, very much for an absolutely entrancing holiday. This was essentially the first full-fledged safari that we have been on; and I thank the heavens, and yourself, that this was led and guided by you. Your knowledge, commitment, caring and superb organisation made all the difference . What we will never forget is the haunting beauty of the savannah, its sunsets, and fabulous animals. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. We look forward to more safaris, and trips with you". - Prithvi and Vijaya Sarathy, Bangalore

"Thanks for planning our family vacation to South Africa & Kenya this summer. The travel, accommodation, food, guides, vehicles and all the seemingly small but major issues were taken care of in a timely and comfortable way!" - Chandrashekher Pitre, Mumbai

"This holiday was made absolutely perfect by your complete effort, and the way you took charge of the group. Thank you so much for thinking of every little detail for each one of us in the varied and large group. It was all planned so perfectly right from both of you meeting us at Mumbai at that unearthly hour, to our flights, to the visas in Kenya Tanzania, to the wonderful driver-guides and vehicles, and also letting us get our day of shopping! All the lodges and camps we stayed at where chosen with great care, and each park for the right amount of days. I can't decide which was my favorite place as each one had something that made it special. If I have to rate the hotels, then each one would be excellent. The variety of food,despite my being a vegetarian, was so much that we all packed in the pounds! Africa is so unbelievably beautiful, but you made it even more fabulous with your enthusiasm and knowledge. You would stop the vehicles for even the smallest of creatures, plants and trees. This helped us to be able to appreciate much more than just the big five, and gain more insight into this most lovely, raw and pure part of Africa. It was wonderful the way you encouraged us when we'd spot an animal, and make us feel like experts! I can't thank you enough for making our dream holiday even more, much more, wonderful than what we expected. We can't wait for our next trip back to God's Eden." - Namrata & Veerbhadra Singh, Deogarh.

"An 18 day safari of Kenya and Tanzania is not easy to plan and execute - congrats and thanks for meeting and exceeding our expectations! We were very happy with the guides, vehicles, lodges and camps, and Kirawira was the highlight of our stay. The Migration, the leopards, the lionesses on trees, the Tarangire bulls and the 'red' bull elephants at Tsavo, the nightly lion calls, the cape buffalo just below our room at the crater, the sunset at Lake Victoria, the road journey from Lake Victoria to Masai Mara on the dirt track, the endless evening chats of the days sightings - it was one long and amazing safari!" Veer Vikram Singh Rathore, Jodhpur

"We enjoyed our Kenya safari thoroughly! Simon, our guide, did a fantastic job. He was always smiling, helpful, knowledgable, never said "No", and was always on time. The vehicle was clean and in good condition and we had some amazing sightings / photos! What more could we have asked for - Asante Sana!" Chetan Mulani, Mumbai

"The Kenya and Tanzania safari was spectacular but above all, the amazing bit was the personal touch and eye for detail that went into planning it. Only possible with an in-depth and on the ground knowledge which you provided.” Sumit Dayal, Singapore

"The speed of response, the options provided, and eventually the ability to have a ten day safari in Kenya tailored to our specifc needs was just the start. The onground delivery was surprisingly smooth and made the trip memorable - could have gone away thinking the Big Five turned out on queue too! Many thanks we really had fun!" Harish Krishnamachar, Delhi

“We are in awe. There can't be a more beautiful place than Masai Mara! Saw zebras, wildebeests, elephants, hippos, gazelle.. And we haven't even reached the lodge yet! I've got goosebumps! It’s incredible!” Indu Bhargava, Mumbai

“The trip to South Africa was fabulous, and the planning trademark meticulous”. Lakshmi Goyal, Mumbai

“Hats off! I rarely had so much fun in so little time. The timing and the co ordination was a direct result of the blood and sweat of both of you and your team and I bow to you. It was a most memorable trip and I hope to visit Kenya again”. Pankaj Shah, Mumbai

“We have had some of the most fantastic days over the last week in South Africa – thanks for the super arrangements”. Sonal Dave, Mumbai

“Thank you for your efforts in making us very, very comfortable during our trip to South Africa and making it one of our most enjoyable and memorable outings yet. We look forward to going out with you to more enjoyable trips in the future”. Prakash Subramanian, Pune

“Thank you for making our trip to Kenya a once in a lifetime experience”. Nilanjan Ghose, Kolkata

“You both are instrumental in making our Kenya safari a glitch-free event for which I am so grateful”. Lakshmi Goyal, Mumbai

“Thank you for the wonderful opportunity of being with nature. I will remember the Kenya trip for a very long time. Great job, close to perfection, keep it up!” SB Mishra, Mumbai

“Thank you for organizing such a great trip to South Africa”. Vidyut Gulati, Delhi

“The memories of visit to South Africa keep flashing… Wonderful, well organised trip”. Kamal Arora, Delhi

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